Canon FA 2DDC67A Filter Adapter

Canon FA 2DDC67A Filter Adapter

Canon FA 2DDC67A Filter Adapter
Canon 67mm Filter Adapter for Bridge cameras

Five years ago when I bought Canon Powershot SX10 IS Camera one of the biggest problems I have was there were no way to mount filters on this camera. It was years before they released this great Canon FA 2DDC67A Filter Adapter so I can to check what third party filter adapters out there which fit to lens barrel of the SX10. Not many camera accessory makers were interested in this because it needed to custom adapter which only works for this camera. So those days only the company called lensmate has a 58mm filter ring for Canon SX10. It costed like $25 but I was so happy to even have that. Then a cheaper Chinese product also came to market.

Canon released their own custom adapter only after released another two cameras. That was along with the Canon Powershot SX30 IS. This product cost you around $25  – $30 depending on where you buy it.  There are several other 67mm adapters out there for Canon Bridge cameras but I think this one is the best in market today. It’s pretty solid and easy to mount.

You might be wondering why do you need this Adapter for your new Canon SX60 camera or Canon SX50 camera. Main reason why I needed was because I wanted to use  UV filter for my SX10. That’s as a lens protector. Yeah, these bridge cameras are expensive and if you damage the lens then it’s pretty much useless. You can send it back to factory for lens replacement but it going to cost you nearly same as what you have to pay for a  new camera. So why should be paying for new camera when a $20 UV Filter can protect your lens taking the damage ? It’s lot easy for your pocket replacing this $20 filter rather than a $500 camera. I guess that reason alone enough to buy a filter and this filter adapter.

This post is not about Filters so I don’t want to talk about those but If you are wondering then my favorite brands are Hoya Filters and B+W Filters. These products are expensive but quality is exceptional. Unfortunately a good 67mm Hoya UV Filter cost you around $30 – $50.  If you can afford then go for it. Those are worth the price. But if you want something cheaper than you can check Brands like Tiffen too.  For Hoya and B+W Filter offers  >> Here <<

Anyway  Canon FA 2DDC67A Filter Adapter is expensive. There are other cheaper adapters in market too. A good example is Bower 67mm Adapter Tube which cost you only around $10.  Both products are plastic and some are not happy with Bower one. Better read reviews about is >> here << and see if  it’s worth paying $10 or better going for the Canon Product.

No matter what filter adapter you are going to buy it’s better you keep it fixed to your lens barrel. If you take if offer and fix way too frequently then it will become loose. Just take if off and clean threads.

I have seen so many people giving these products bad reviews telling these don’t fit well. I have never had a problem with any of these adapters I have bought so far. You just have to exam how it should mount and do it carefully. Take your time and do it without damaging your lens barrel.

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