Lens Protection Filter

Why do we need a UV Filter

Lens Protection Filter

Very Simple You don’t really need a UV Filter for preventing UV light. You won’t see a huge difference in Digital camera which takes color photos. So not just for your Canon SX60 Camera but for any other camera you don’t need a UV Filter if you are thinking about it can make a difference for photos. People needed UV Filter in old days when they took Black and White photos. It helps to reduce the haze in landscape photos and such. But That’s in Film Cameras. Now everyone uses Digital cameras and even Lens usually has a glass front of it which would cut of more UV than a UV Filer itself. So if you are going to buy a UV Filter thinking that it will do a great difference in Images quality you are gonna be very disappointed (at least if you are SX60 owner). The filter won’t do any difference (it does but very very very little, u won’t even notice).

But, Do you really don’t need a UV Filter for your SX60 Camera? NO! You DO need one. Not for image Quality but for the safety of front element of your lens. You have a $450 Camera with in-Built Lens. and What happens if your lens gets a scratch or crack by accident? Repair costs will be half of your camera price. Sometimes won’t worth it at all. and you can get a Good UV Filter for $20 and it can minimize the damage. I think you will agree that it’s cheaper to replace broken Filter than a Broken Lens. This is the real NEED of UV Filter for your Canon Powershot SX60 HS Camera. So Yes. Your camera does need a UV Filter to protect your lens from damages. Better buy one along with your camera than regret later after something happens. It’s too late for a Filter then. Another thing is very good if you have children’s with sticky fingers who likes to mess with your camera accessories. 😀

But (another one), Don’t buy one of those ultra cheap UV Filter just because you want your Lens to be protected. It can be so low quality and block not just UV but also Light from your lens and you will get bad images. So always go for a multi-coated UV Filter. There are usually made to get as much as light in while cutting of Haze. Some of the best UV Filters are made by B+W (expensive) and Hoya. They do have different qualities for various price ranges. You can find plenty of those at Amazon and will able to find a decent quality UV Filter for $15 – $30 with Free Shipping. Also, you can read reviews and find the best quality one for an affordable price. When I bought my Canon SX10 Camera I was so paranoid about losing light so I bought one of the Highest Quality UV Filters Hoya could offer. Something called Hoya 67mm HD Hardened Glass 8-layer Multi-Coated Digital UV Filter Which costed me around $40 those days. That was like 3 years ago I think. You can find a good one for cheaper at Amazon and don’t go for anything over $30.

Search in Amason for a Good UV Filter  >>  Here

Remember you need to have a 67mm Filter Adapter to mount these filters on your Canon SX60 Camera or any other Canon Bridge Camera. So if you don’t have one better buy one along with your 67mm UV Filter. Also, a 67mm Lens Cap too since original one won’t work on a 67mm Adapter.

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  1. This is exactly why we do NOT need filter. That broken filter that was supposed to save my lens actually made more damage to it … let alone the drop in the light transmission.

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