72 inch Tripod and Monopod

Tripod Bundle Kit For Canon SX60 HS

72 inch Tripod and Monopod

This post is about a really good Tripod Bundle Kit For Canon SX60 HS I found on Amazon. Canon SX60 HS is a great camera and one of the best bridge cameras out there in market today.  If you want use it’s 65x optical zoom with maximum zoom out and expect sharp photos you need to have a good tripod. Not just with this camera but even with a DSLR  if you have a big zoom then you can’t take good photos hand held. So it’s a really good idea to buy a tripod along with the camera. For this bridge camera you don’t need a high-end tripod which could cost you around $100. But its better buying a good one like this three in one tripod bundle.

I like said it’s a three in one package. You get a 72 inch Professional tripod, a 72 inch heavy duty Monopad and a Mini 6″ Gripster Flexible Tripod. You get all these for less than $40.  All these three accessories are high quality products.  You might wonder why you need 3 instead of one but if you are going to have serious fun with your new Canon SX60 then you will need all these 3 Tripods. Because these are used for different tasks.

Both Tripod and Monopad are 72 inch. Most of other bundles have shorter ones like 65 inches or less. Cheaper doesn’t mean everything is perfect. Make sure to check the details of your accessory before you buy. It’s a lesson I have learned hard way.

72 inch Professional Tripod

A good 72in Tripod can alone cost $40 which make this package really a bargain.  It’s max height is 72in and minimum height is 18in. It has a 20lbs of  maximum load capacity. This make it great for not just SX60 and previous Canon Bridge cameras and even most of Canon DSLR cameras.

If you want to take really good landscape or Macro photos then you must have a Tripod to keep your camera still. You can take hand-held photos close range but not long distance photos or Macro photos. This is when a good tripod would help you. I have tried to take photos of birds in far away trees but without a tripod never had much luck. Sometimes you get lucky and get a good photo but most of the time photos are not 100% sharp.

72 inch  Monopad

We use Monopad instead of Tripod when you want more something which we can move around fast. Tripod is something you must have but sometimes you face it’s short comings like you can’t move it fast or hold up height. This is where Monopad comes in. It’s a Single Pole so you can move around it fast and hold it high without much problem.

So this is something really you need to have when you make videos. The 72in Monopad you get in this package is great . It can Handle mini-DVs and all video cameras weighing up to 10 lbs. It can take DSLR cameras without a problem too unless you attach a heavy lens.

6 Inch Bendable Gripster Tripod

Now this Gripster is not for DSLR Cameras or anything heavy.  It’s okey but I can’t say I’m happy with it. It’s the only thing I can say something negative about.  It’s not for DSLRs and also I wouldn’t mount a Canon SX60 and up somewhere above ground with it. Like on a tree. It’s not that I know for sure it would fail but I just don’t want to test it. But it works great when you use it for Macro photos at ground level. Just make sure not to use it for heavy cameras or video cams. It’s not easy to find good Flexible Tripods which can hold heavy DSLR setups.

If you need a  Large Flexible Tripod for your DSLR Camera then try this one >> Here <<. It should work with most of prime lenses + DSLR cameras. Sales page says it supports camera setups weight up to 3.0 kilograms

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