Why do we need a UV Filter


Lens Protection Filter

Very Simple You don’t really need a UV Filter for preventing UV light. You won’t see a huge difference in Digital camera which take color photos. So not just for your Canon SX60 Camera but for any other camera you don’t need a UV Filter if you are thinking about it can make a difference for photos. People needed UV Filter in old days when they took Black and While photos. It helps to reduces the haze on landscape photos and such. But That’s in Film Cameras. Now everyone use Digital cameras and even Lens usually has a glass front of it which would cut of more UV than a UV Filer it self. So if you are going to buy a UV Filter thinking¬† that it will does a great different in Images quality you are gonna be very disappointed (at least if you are SX60 owner). Filter won’t do any difference (it does but very very very little, u wont even notice).

But, Do you really don’t need a UV Filter for your SX60 Camera ? NO ! You DO need one. Not for image Quality but for the safety of front element of your lens. You have a $450 Camera with in-Built Lens. and What happen if your lens get a scratch or crack by accident ? Repair costs will be half of your camera price. Sometimes won’t worth it at all. and you can get a Good UV Filter for $20 and it can minimize the damage. I think you will agree that it’s cheaper to replace broken Filter than a Broken Lens. This is the real NEED of UV Filter for your Canon Powershot SX60 HS Camera. So Yes. Your camera do need a UV Filter to protect your lens from damages. Better buy one along with your camera than regret later after something happens. It’s too late for a Filter then. An another thing it very good if you have children’s with sticky fingers who likes to mess with your camera accessories. ūüėÄ

But (another one), Don’t buy one of those ultra cheap UV Filter just because you want your Lens to be protected. It can be so low quality and block not just UV but also Light from your lens and you will get bad images. So always go for a multi coated UV Filter. There are usually made to get as much as light in while cutting of Haze. Some of the best UV Filters are made by B+W (expensive) and Hoya. They do have different qualities for various price ranges. You can find plenty of those at Amazon and will able to find a decent quality UV Filter for $15 – $30 with free Shipping. Also you can read reviews and find the best quality one for affordable price. When I bought my Canon SX10 Camera I was so paranoia about loosing light so I bought one of the Highest Quality UV Filters Hoya could offer. Something called Hoya 67mm HD Hardened Glass 8-layer Multi-Coated Digital UV Filter Which costed me around $40 those days. That was like 3 years ago I think. You can find good one for cheaper at Amazon and don’t go for anything over $30.

Search in Amason for a Good UV Filter  >>  Here

Remember you need to have a 67mm Filter Adapter to mount these filters on your Canon SX60 Camera or any other Canon Bridge Camera. So if you don’t have one better buy one along with your 67mm UV Filter. Also a 67mm Lens Cap too since original one won’t work on a 67mm Adapter.

Best Memory Card for Canon SX60


Best Memory Card for Canon SX60

Finding the best memory card for Canon SX60 camera might looks like a no brainer but there few things many users forgot to consider. There so many package deals out there for SX60 and all these packs come with a memory card.  Usually a card with no brand information or outdated card belongs to a well known brand.

The most important thing about a memory card for a photographer is speed. Data should move between camera and card as fast as possible. Because if it take time to save your images then camera takes longer to be ready for the next photo. You have to wait till card save the image.¬† When it comes to SDHC memory cards there are speed classes. Usually it’s written on the card. If you see a SDHC card which doesn’t mention which speed class it belongs then better skip it. Class 10 is a fastest in market today. These cards might be expensive few more dollars than other but it’s totally worth it. This is very important not only for photos but also for making videos.

Sometimes I have heard people saying brand doesn’t matter which picking a memory card. From my personal experience I can tell brand really matters. I have bought so many SDHC cards from ultra cheap unbranded cards to expensive branded cards. I can tell you with 100% confidence brand matters. I know there are so many card brands out there in market but I would recommend only three. Those are Transcend, SanDisk and Lexar. From these 3 types Lexar cards are little hard to find and more expensive. These brands have specific cards for photos and videos.

It’s always wise for keep couple of extra memory cards with you when about to a important photo shoot. A card might freeze or you might need more space. Specially HD videos take unbelievable amount of space. It’s lot better spend few more dollars to buy than extra card than loosing important moments or photos.

Another thing is sometimes it’s better use smaller cards for photo shoots and bigger cards for video shoots. If you spread your photo collection into several cards it might be safe since if you loose one card you will still have plenty of other photos from the shoot. But when it comes to videos shoots you will need biggest cards you can get. But remember most bridge cameras can shoot only upto 30-45 minutes nonstop. The camera will start heating up after 15-20 minutes. So it’s better if you prepare for this too.

One last thing you should know it if you deleted an important photo or something like that then stop using the card right away. There are plenty of data recover software out there which will easy recover your lost photos.  I think Lexar and Sandisk have their own image recover software which you can get free from their websites.

Best Memory Card for Canon SX60

Finally I thought it’s better recommend few best SDHC cards at market for lowest price. I’m posting only class10 32GB cards since that’s what I use. You can find bigger at Amazon sales pages.

  • Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card – Link ( 90MB/s )
  • SanDisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 SDHC UHS-I Memory Card – Link ( 80MB/s )
  • Lexar Professional 2000x 32GB SDHC UHS-II/U3 card – Link¬† (300MB/s – Fastest and most expensive among these 3)

First check the sales pages of all these 3 memory cards. You can read what customers think about these and also how they have rated. You will able to find more information and alternatives too but always keep in mind the basics you learned from the post.

Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Lens


Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Lens

Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Lens is more of a snap on filter which let you fix on bridge camera or on lens of DSLR. One thing about bridge cameras is you can’t attach interchangeable lenses because these comers come with built-in telephoto lens.¬† So you have to make the best out of whatever you have there with your camera.

Good thing is these days all these bridge cameras like Canon SX60 or Nikon CoolPix P900 come with really good CMOS sensors and faster lenses. So these cameras can take really good macro photos even without any accessories. Even Canon SX50 camera or older versions can do it. But what makes the difference is getting perfect macro photos like from DSLR camera with a real macro lens. Inbuilt macro function is not enough for that.

Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro lens let you take few more steps farther when it comes to quality and creativity. This post is not about teaching you macro photography so I will try to make you understand what it is capable with few sample photos. So even if you have  no idea about macro techniques or anything still you will see why you need this for your bridge camera.

Photos using Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Lens

Below photos were taken from an old Canon SX10 IS camera with a DCR-250 Macro Filter. This is the first camera in Canon Bridge camera series and more than 5 years old. Also it has ccd sensor with slow inbuilt lens. Still you can get photos like these when you use this amazing macro filter.

Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Lens

Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Lens

Both these macro photos were taken with Raynox DCR-250 Macro filter mounted on a Canon Powershot SX10 IS camera. That’s the first of Canon bridge camera series and it has only a CCD sensor and slow lens. But still I could take photos like these with amazing macro filters help.

It’s expensive, like cost you $60 but this one great accessory which let you enter the world of macro photography. Also it’s one of the best accessories you can get for your bridge camera. Even if you have a DSLR camera this can be very useful and would give you lots of fun. Real Macro lens like Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro Lens cost you around $300 and Nikon 40mm f/2.8G AF-S DX Micro cost you around $275. Unless you want it for high professional level this will¬† be more than enough for your Canon SX60 or Nikon CoolPix P900 cameras.

What is a macro lens ?

This is another common question asked here. In simple terms macro photography is taking extreme close up photos of very small subjects. There are macro lenses specifically designed for this kind of photography. There are different types of Macro lenses with focal different lengths for different uses.

  • 45‚Äď65 mm macro Lenses which used mostly close ups or product photography.
  • 90‚Äď105 mm macro lenses for taking photos of insects, flowers etc from close distance.
  • 150‚Äď200 mm lenses for same task as above but when you need additional distance.

When you mount a real macro lens on a good DSLR camera you can create a photo to fill a large frame from a small postage stamp. No point of adding all technical details about these but one common thing is these lenses can be quite expensive when you compare with Super Macro Filter. Lets look at few popular Macro Lenses in market.

  • Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro Lens :¬† Current price¬† is around $400.
  • Nikon 55mm f/2.8 Micro Nikkor Lens : Price is around $400
  • Nikon AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED : Price is around $900
  • Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Len : Price is around $850
  • Canon EF 180mm f3.5L Macro USM : Price is around $1400

First of all you can’t mount a heavy interchangeable lens on your bridge camera. So unless you have a DSLR then these are not for you. Also you can see the cost is way over for someone who search for low cost Macro setup. This is why Raynox dcr-250 super macro lens is a great option for bridge camera users as well as cheaper option for DSLR camera users.

Bower 67mm Filter Adapter

Bower 67mm Filter Adapter

Bower 67mm Filter Adapter

If you want a 67mm Filter Adapter for your Canon Bridge camera then Bower 67mm Filter Adapter is the cheapest one available in market. It cost you less than $10 while the Canon FA 2DDC67A Filter Adapter cost you around $30. Both are made of plastic and looks very much same. Canon product might be expensive just because of the brand name.

Bower Adapter should be your choice if you can’t spend a lot for this. If you are buying an adapter you need a 67mm Lens cap because original one won’t fit and also UV filter or other filters since that’s the reason you are buying this one.¬† I will show you price for those below but total would be around $40 if you use the Bower or more than $70 if you buy Canon FA 2DDC67A.

The adapter screws directly onto the lens barrel ring and I noticed the Amazon sales page say you can mount “lenses” but I don’t think they mean interchangeable lenses or anything heavy. Apart from UV Filters and other type of filters like Circular Polarizer Filters etc only thing¬† I would mount is Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Snap-On Lens which I think must have for Any bridge camera user even though it costs around $70. It’s my favorite accessory for all of these super-zoom or bridge cameras I have bought. It helps you to take super cool macro photos and give extra power for inbuilt Macro function.

There’s also 58mm Filter ring which used for my Canon SX10 in early days but I don’t think it’s worth buying that anymore. It cost around $10-$15 and a Chinese product. But it’s a metal one unlike these. Little bit hard to mount on lens barrel and take bit of time before getting used to it. Only good thing about it is 57mm filters are cheaper than 67mm filters. Still you will have to get a 58mm lens cap for your camera if you are going for this one.

So keep it in mind you have to buy a new lens cap along with your filter adapter because original one won’t fit into your adapter. There is another handy item to buy along is a good lens hood, specially if you don’t want to use a UV filter as a lens protector. You can find few camera bundle offers at Amazon from $20 to upward but best way if buying individual item picking quality products.

Bower 67mm Filter Adapter is custom built for Canon Bridge cameras. So it will fit all cameras, Canon SX10, Canon SX20, Canon SX30, Canon SX40, Canon SX50, Canon60 and any future models probably too. Canon E67U 67mm Snap On Lens Cap is a good lens cap to buy along with this Bower filter. It cost you around $10 but it’s a Canon product.

Case Logic DCB-305 Camera Case


Case Logic DCB-305

A Camera bag is one of the very first camera accessory you need to buy if you are not getting one along with the camera. Sometimes you need a better quality bag than one you get with camera package because usually you are getting a cheaper low quality products with these camera bundles. This  Amazon best seller Case Logic DCB-305 Camera Case is the best one I found for any Canon Bridge cameras like Canon SX60, Canon SX50 or any of those early models like Canon SX10. There are some good reasons why I like this camera case.

This product has been around for a while. It has more than 300 customer reviews at Amazon and Almost 200 people has given 5 star rating for this. No wonder it’s the Top best seller is Camera bag section. Check the Amazon sales page and see what others tell about this camera. You will understand why it’s great.

But this camera bag is not for big DSLR cameras. It’s for bigger point and shoot cameras and bridge cameras, not just Canon but also other models but make sure to compare dimensions.¬† It’s¬† been originally deigned for Digital Camcorders but Canon SX50 or later models also fit nicely.

There are side zippered pockets got extra batteries, filters and other small accessories. Memory cards can be stored in internal zippered pockets. comes with detachable shoulder strap & grab handle.

I don’t think it’s waterproof so don’t drop it in water. But think it’s good enough to protect your camera from small rain. But I would never take the chance. I always carry few plastic bags for emergencies like sudden downpour.

Case Logic DCB-305 Camera Case

There are other camera bags out there which are suitable for Canon SX60 and other cameras for various prices You can check those too. Few other really good bags I can recommend are Lowepro Edit 110 Camcorder and Camera Bag, VG Plum Purple Laurel DSLR Camera Carrying Bag and Case Logic Compact Nylon Sling Bag with EVA Protection. None of these bags cost you more than $30.

Canon FA 2DDC67A Filter Adapter

Canon FA 2DDC67A Filter Adapter

Canon 67mm Filter Adapter for Bridge cameras

Five years ago when I bought Canon Powershot SX10 IS Camera one of the biggest problems I have was there were no way to mount filters on this camera. It was years before they released this great Canon FA 2DDC67A Filter Adapter so I can to check what third party filter adapters out there which fit to lens barrel of the SX10. Not many camera accessory makers were interested in this because it needed to custom adapter which only works for this camera. So those days only the company called lensmate has a 58mm filter ring for Canon SX10. It costed like $25 but I was so happy to even have that. Then a cheaper Chinese product also came to market.

Canon released their own custom adapter only after released another two cameras. That was along with the Canon Powershot SX30 IS. This product cost you around $25¬† – $30 depending on where you buy it.¬† There are several other 67mm adapters out there for Canon Bridge cameras but I think this one is the best in market today. It’s pretty solid and easy to mount.

You might be wondering why do you need this Adapter for your new Canon SX60 camera or Canon SX50 camera. Main reason why I needed was because I wanted to use¬† UV filter for my SX10. That’s as a lens protector. Yeah, these bridge cameras are expensive and if you damage the lens then it’s pretty much useless. You can send it back to factory for lens replacement but it going to cost you nearly same as what you have to pay for a¬† new camera. So why should be paying for new camera when a $20 UV Filter can protect your lens taking the damage ? It’s lot easy for your pocket replacing this $20 filter rather than a $500 camera. I guess that reason alone enough to buy a filter and this filter adapter.

This post is not about Filters so I don’t want to talk about those but If you are wondering then my favorite brands are Hoya Filters and B+W Filters. These products are expensive but quality is exceptional. Unfortunately a good 67mm Hoya UV Filter cost you around $30 – $50.¬† If you can afford then go for it. Those are worth the price. But if you want something cheaper than you can check Brands like Tiffen too.¬† For Hoya and B+W Filter offers¬† >> Here <<

Anyway¬† Canon FA 2DDC67A Filter Adapter is expensive. There are other cheaper adapters in market too. A good example is Bower 67mm Adapter Tube which cost you only around $10.¬† Both products are plastic and some are not happy with Bower one. Better read reviews about is >> here << and see if¬† it’s worth paying $10 or better going for the Canon Product.

No matter what filter adapter you are going to buy it’s better you keep it fixed to your lens barrel. If you take if offer and fix way too frequently then it will become loose. Just take if off and clean threads.

I have seen so many people giving these products bad reviews telling these don’t fit well. I have never had a problem with any of these adapters I have bought so far. You just have to exam how it should mount and do it carefully. Take your time and do it without damaging your lens barrel.

Neewer 48 Macro LED Ring Light



Neewer 48 Macro LED Ring Light is not one of the most important accessories you need to buy with your Bridge camera but if you are a fan of Macro Photography¬† then it’s something must have or should have depending on how serious you are about taking Macro photos. Five years ago when I bought my Canon SX10 there were no LED Ring lights or at least cheap products which we could afford with a limited budget. Inbuilt Flash was not enough and external Flashes were too expensive.¬† I wish this Macro LED Ring Lights there available on those days.

I talked about External Flashes for bridge cameras in last post. Unfortunately now everyone can afford those since Canon Speedlite 270EX 2 cost around $170 and Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash cost nearly $300.¬† Most people who buy a camera like Canon SX60 have a limited budget and can’t afford something like this. There are other more important accessories to buy like camera bag, a Fast memory card, a Macro filer like Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Snap-On Lens and also a good tripod. You can buy all these from money you have to invest for something like Speedlite 430EX.

So this is the next best thing for a flash you can buy if you are into Macro photography. Having constant illumination is something important for focusing and¬† you can go for higher shutter speeds instead of trying use aperture. But if you are a professional photographer who expect something more this is not for you. This is NOT a Ring Fash which cost you hundreds of dollars but a Ring Light. A good example for a Ring Fash is Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II { Here } which cost you over $500.¬† So don’t expect that much power or quality from this $40 Ring Light. But it’s a good product for it’s price.

You need to train your self and camera to get max out of this. For example Insects are not fond of staying still when a big bridge reaching them. So unlike with sudden light for flash this going to be a challenge.¬† It works great with flowers and tiny object which won’t crawl away or fly way. Also you can take good indoor close up photos using it.

Panasonic Eneloop 2100 Cycle Rechargeable Batteries

Eneloop Batteries

You are going to get in this package,  6 Adapters sizes of 49 mm, 52 mm, 55 mm, 58 mm, 62 mm and 67 mm, an AC adapter and lighting unit.  The 48 LED ring can be switched to full or half on of left or right. The ring can be rotated too.

It can be powered by DC power using AC adapter if you want to take indoor photos or 2 AA batteries. If you are going to use AA batteries then make sure to buy really good high capacity rechargeable batteries like Sanyo Eneloop batteries which last really a long time. Never has problems with batteries ever since I have started using those. (My old SX10 use four AA batteries).

Canon 270EX 2 Speedlite Flash


Canon 270EX 2 Speedlite Flash

I decided to write this Canon 270EX 2 Speedlite Flash because I think it’s the best external flash for Canon Bridge cameras like Canon SX60, Canon SX50 or any other older versions when you compare the both power and price. There so many external flashes out there which works with these models both from cheap brands and also from Canon Speedlite series. But most of these cheap Flashes are totally useless and waste of money.

I have bought several of those cheap Chinese Flashes which you can get for less than $100 and none last longer than six months. I noticed Amazon reviews some says these work great but didn’t work great for me. I just wasted money which I should have invested on a good quality Flash from Canon Speedlite.

Now Canon Speedlite Flashes are professional products which are used by career photographers. Really great stuff but the downside is cost you an arm to buy one.  But still since we need a good flash I checked what options do we have. There are high-end expensive flashes like Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite which cost you more than $500 which are not in our budget limits. Also these are for big DSLR cameras.

Canon 270EX 2 Speedlite was my final choice because it cost only around $170 which is not too expensive and also it gives you more power than Inbuilt flashes in bridge cameras. It’s not a high power flash but has some good features,

  • Vertical bounce capability up to 90 degrees.
  • Slave function allows the flash to be triggered wirelessly (Can’t use this feature with Canon Bridge cameras).
  • Compatible with Canon EOS DSLR cameras (If you have a Canon DSLR).
  • Tele/Wide function allows adjustment of illumination angle and guide number to match shooting conditions.

I wish it can effect more distance than 8 feet. That’s the only downside I see in this Flash. I think even the inbuilt flash can effect upto at least 4 – 5 feet. But it’s not enough for out door night time photos.

If you can invest $300 then I would go for Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash. I think it’s proper flash which would work great for any situation.¬† This Flash as 5x more features than the Speedlite 270EX 2 Flash and means greater distance too.

There is another Canon Flash called Speedlite 90EX¬† but no point bother about it. It’s pretty much like the inbuilt have you have in any camera from Canon SX60 to Canon SX10.

I’m an average user with couple of bridge cameras so I’m writing for those who want to know about accessories without too much technical stuff.¬† You can learn more info from Amazon sales pages and also read more customer reviews¬† there too.

Tripod Bundle Kit For Canon SX60 HS


72 inch Tripod and Monopod

This post is about a really good Tripod Bundle Kit For Canon SX60 HS I found on Amazon. Canon SX60 HS is a great camera and one of the best bridge cameras out there in market today.¬† If you want use it’s 65x optical zoom with maximum zoom out and expect sharp photos you need to have a good tripod. Not just with this camera but even with a DSLR¬† if you have a big zoom then you can’t take good photos hand held. So it’s a really good idea to buy a tripod along with the camera. For this bridge camera you don’t need a high-end tripod which could cost you around $100. But its better buying a good one like this three in one tripod bundle.

I like said it’s a three in one package. You get a 72 inch Professional tripod, a 72 inch heavy duty Monopad and a Mini 6″ Gripster Flexible Tripod. You get all these for less than $40.¬† All these three accessories are high quality products.¬† You might wonder why you need 3 instead of one but if you are going to have serious fun with your new Canon SX60 then you will need all these 3 Tripods. Because these are used for different tasks.

Both Tripod and Monopad are 72 inch. Most of other bundles have shorter ones like 65 inches or less. Cheaper doesn’t mean everything is perfect. Make sure to check the details of your accessory before you buy. It’s a lesson I have learned hard way.

72 inch Professional Tripod

A good 72in Tripod can alone cost $40 which make this package really a bargain.¬† It’s max height is 72in and minimum height is 18in. It has a 20lbs of¬† maximum load capacity. This make it great for not just SX60 and previous Canon Bridge cameras and even most of Canon DSLR cameras.

If you want to take really good landscape or Macro photos then you must have a Tripod to keep your camera still. You can take hand-held photos close range but not long distance photos or Macro photos. This is when a good tripod would help you. I have tried to take photos of birds in far away trees but without a tripod never had much luck. Sometimes you get lucky and get a good photo but most of the time photos are not 100% sharp.

72 inch  Monopad

We use Monopad instead of Tripod when you want more something which we can move around fast. Tripod is something you must have but sometimes you face it’s short comings like you can’t move it fast or hold up height. This is where Monopad comes in. It’s a Single Pole so you can move around it fast and hold it high without much problem.

So this is something really you need to have when you make videos. The 72in Monopad you get in this package is great . It can Handle mini-DVs and all video cameras weighing up to 10 lbs. It can take DSLR cameras without a problem too unless you attach a heavy lens.

6 Inch Bendable Gripster Tripod

Now this Gripster is not for DSLR Cameras or anything heavy.¬† It’s okey but I can’t say I’m happy with it. It’s the only thing I can say something negative about.¬† It’s not for DSLRs and also I wouldn’t mount a Canon SX60 and up somewhere above ground with it. Like on a tree. It’s not that I know for sure it would fail but I just don’t want to test it. But it works great when you use it for Macro photos at ground level. Just make sure not to use it for heavy cameras or video cams. It’s not easy to find good Flexible Tripods which can hold heavy DSLR setups.

If you need a  Large Flexible Tripod for your DSLR Camera then try this one >> Here <<. It should work with most of prime lenses + DSLR cameras. Sales page says it supports camera setups weight up to 3.0 kilograms

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