Bridge Camera

Bridge Cameras

When it comes to Bridge cameras there are several camera brands complete with each other in this market. But Canon is the fore runner and also they released first bridge camera which is Canon SX10 IS. That’s my first camera and I still have it even though now it’s in old age.  Anyway this page is about all latest things in Bridge camera market and you will find all latest models here.

There are few important facts about this line of cameras. Even though these are technically point and shoot models you won’t find these for cheap. All latest models cost you more than $300 but all these cams comes with big inbuilt zooms which let you take long distance photos. Bigger and heavier than usual compact cameras  these come with most of  manual settings you find in DSLR models. Even though in early models use CCD sensors latest cameras have bigger CMOS sensors so you get sharper images and bigger resolutions.

Well lets look at the latest Bridge Cameras in market,

Canon SX60 HS Camera

Canon Powershot SX60 HS camera is the latest in Canon arsenal and first camera you should  check. Might be the last camera too since Canon Ultra zoom cameras are always the best in market. Price is around $499 at Amazon and It comes with 65x optical zoom and 16.1 megapixel 1/2.3′ CMOS sensor which is packaged with new Canon DIGIC 6 image processor. Might be pricy but it’s a winner when it compare with other models.

Canon SX50 HS

Canon Powershot SX50 HS Camera is the predecessor of SX60 Next best thing you have after SX60. It does lack for just few features 15x less optical zoom but you get this for more than $150 less so if you have a less budget than $500 then you might want to consider this model. Comes with 50x optical zoom and Same CMOS processor but with a DIGIC 5 image processor you can get Canon SX50 for around $350 at Amazon.

Canon PowerShot SX520 Camera

Canon Powershot SX520 HS is the cheapest Canon bridge camera available which has all important features like CMOS sensor, 42x Optical zoom, HD 1080p video etc. If you are looking a camera with high quality photos be less heavy and cheaper than those SX50 and SX60 models then this is your option. It’s might not fit your pocket but it will fit a ladies purse. What it lack are a Viewfinder and built in Wi-fi features. But still It’s a worthy camera to consider before start exploring alternatives from other brands.